Techniconseils ~ Your Web 2.0 Experts

Personalized Web 2.0 Sites and Web Applications Programming Experts

Techniconseils is a web-development firm based in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in the creation of Web sites, especially Web communities and Web 2.0 experiences as well as Web Applications. While we specialize in Ruby on Rails and PHP development, we always use the best technology to get the job done instead of forcing you to go through our preferred technology. Over the years, we've worked with engineers from Sun, IBM, Apple and many others on really big projects as well as 3 pages web sites on as many platforms and using as many languages and technologies as you can imagine.

Our strength is the experience of our team members. Together, we have over 40 years of combined experience developing web solutions. Together, we've worked for big development houses as well as smaller development teams, but the same story repeats every time. As the company gets bigger, you pay more and the same guys do the same job often time for much less than what you've paid. That's why we've taken the decision to strike out on our own and do things our way. We're a small team, we all known exactly what we're doing and what needs to be done and we do it well.

That's basically what Techniconseils is all about. We could go on and on about how we can build the most impressive sites but that wouldn't accomplish anything. Building a Web site isn't about technology, it's about building your company's online presence.

Welcome to Techniconseils. Together, we can do great things.