Portfolio :: Club Macintosh de Montréal (2008)

The Briefing

This second version of the Montreal Mac User Group Web site created by Techniconseils was rebuilt entirely in Ruby on Rails in 2008. This new version includes a complete management system for both the Web site and the company in general. Also included is a Wiki, a forum, a search engine and many other tools to make this a top-class community site, including a friends system and full RSS capability.

The management system built for this site is now Techniconseils's main CMS. It has full a full tabbed AJAX interface for ease of use and many powerful features.

Technical Specifications

  • Programming : Ruby on Rails 2.0
  • Database : MySQL
  • Design : Techniconseils
  • Hosting : Linux / Apache / Mongrel


Currently in developement

Web Site


Club Macintosh de Montréal.
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